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Hotel ***, near the sea, 10 km, swimming pool, Atri.

This three-star hotel (50 rooms) is located in Atri, a town perched on a hill (300 meters above sea level) and just 7 miles far from the beach of Pineto. The hotel adjoins the park-city garden that stretches for about three hectares, in a position well ventilated and sunny. There are long paved and brightly lit roads strictly closed to traffic and scattered benches that make the place suitable for visitors of all ages seeking for a calm and joyful stay.

The long balustrade of the Belvedere overlooks the Adriatic sea allowing you to see its coastline. Atri is the capital of the Acquaviva family, that is one of the 7 major families of the Kingdom of Naples. The Acquavivas' origins lead back to Germany, as they have descended from the Dukes of Bavaria that settled in Italy around the tenth century with Charles the Great, and acquired many lands in the Marca of Ancona. Subsequently, accompanying the Swabians kings, they arrived to the Kingdom of Naples and obtained a large state in the Abruzzi.

Atri is one of the oldest historical towns of the coast of Teramo and also the richest, as it is plenty of monuments and works of art: it is an absolute treasure trove. The cathedral, overlooking the square in front of the great nineteenth-century municipal theater, is one of the most important monumental complexes, and not only of Abruzzo because it sums an incredible variety of artistic wonders: from architecture to sculpture and painting. The church is dedicated to Santa Maria, and is based on an ancient Roman structure consisting mainly of a large reservoir extending under the floor.

Its construction began in the late eleventh century and continued throughout the fourteenth century. Atri is also famous for its numerous churches located into the old town: St. Reparata, St. Augustine, St. Francis, St. Liberatore, St. Clara, St. Nicholas, Holy Spirit, St. Andrew, St. Domenico. Another characteristic feature of medieval Atri was the presence of a fountain placed outside each door of the majestic old walls protecting the city, at least 14 fountains are remembered. The water system allowing to feed permanently the fountains consisted of underground canals collecting water through a Risorgimento's picking-up method.

Today every dawn of 8th December Atri re-proposes the old tradition of popular "Faugni" (from latin "fauni ignis", which is to say "Faun's fire"), a tradition coming from a combination of pagan and peasant customs. In former times, farmers living in the countryside around Atri used to light propitiatory fires in honor of Faunus before the winter solstice, a pagan god associated with the fertility of earth. The ritual magic tradition of "Faugni" has originated from this ancient believing, and today it consists on a procession where high reed-made lights are carried throughout the town.

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